We built this site to connect talented cartoonists with content creators. As a content creator—whether you're blogging, freelancing, in charge of your company's newsletters, preparing a sales presentation, or creating content in any way—you understand that text alone doesn't always hold people's attention. Single-panel cartoons are a perfect way to get and hold your audience's attention, which makes your content much more likely to be read, remembered, and shared.

Here on you can browse hundreds of funny single-panel cartoons, which you can license and use in presentations, newsletters, pamphlets, books, blogs, and various publications. Read more about how to license cartoons.

Who's Behind It?

Grigoriy (Greg) Kogan is a gag cartoonist living in Brooklyn, NY. After five years of selling cartoons to many clients and publications, he decided to create a platform that helps other cartoonists license their work and earn a living, while giving content creators an easy, affordable, and reliable way to find funny cartoons for their content.