Why License Cartoons?

Gag cartoons are protected by the same copyright laws that apply to any original creative works. When you purchase a usage license for a cartoon you are paying for permission to rightfully use the cartoon. These licensing fees help support the cartoonist.

I'm a cartoonist. Can I sell my cartoons here?

Possibly. Learn more about becoming a contributor and how to sell your cartoons.

I need a cartoon about ____, can you help?

First try to browse gag cartoons by category or keyword. If you don't see the right cartoon for your topic, then contact us to commission a custom cartoon for your business or organization.

I'm preparing an educational presentation for my company. Can I use the non-profit license?

If you are presenting on behalf of a for-profit company or organization, then you should purchase the commercial license.

What if I submitted the payment form to license a cartoon, but did not receive the cartoon image?

Sorry for the technical error. Please contact us immediately with a description of the problem and we'll address it as soon as possible.

Can I edit the cartoons I license?

You may not edit the contents of cartoons even if you purchase a usage license. The license allows you to lawfully use the cartoon but not to edit it. Resizing and reformatting the cartoon is allowed.

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