Let us take care of licensing and promoting your single-panel cartoons, while you sit back and earn money.

We're growing fast and becoming the preferred method of licensing cartoons for content creators. More and more business professionals, bloggers, writers, and other individuals are using to find and license cartoons for their content. Continue reading to learn how to sell and license your cartoons with us.

How to Sell Cartoons in Just Two Steps

Cartoonists earn a major share of licensing fees for their cartoons. There is no cost to selling your cartoons as a contributor.

  1. Apply to be a contributor.
    Send three or more cartoon samples and info about yourself to

  2. Bulk upload your cartoons to sell.
    Invited cartoonists will be given instructions for bulk uploading any number of cartoons. The cartoons must be at least 800px in width at 72dpi (less at higher resolutions) and preferrably in JPEG format.

That's it! Did you think it would be more complicated?

We'll take care of formatting, sorting, promoting, licensing, tracking, and payments. You'll start earning money without any extra work—and that's the point.